Cooking in Color – Embracing Bold Hues in Your Superb Kitchen Design

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Cooking in Color

Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, bold hues are an easy way to bring life into your cooking space. But there’s more to adding color than just slathering on the paint. Consider a palette that mixes color families — moss green cabinets paired with sky blue or coral with blush. These combinations can create a moody and sophisticated feel.

The Power of Vibrant Colors

A vivid color can make a big impact on any room, but kitchens can be especially powerful when you embrace bold hues. Whether you paint your island, upgrade your backsplash, or add a bar stool upholstered in a vivid tone, these mood-boosting hues will help bring your cooking space to life.

Orange inspires confidence, laughter, and celebration – making it an ideal shade for your kitchen. This vibrant hue also relates to prosperity and abundance, and may even boost your metabolism!

Green evokes thoughts of nature, springtime, and new beginnings. The most popular natural hue in our 2022 design survey, this accent color inspires stability, nourishment, and balance. It is also known to enhance your mental clarity and increase your libido. The darker shades of green evoke thoughts of forests and the outdoors, bringing a sense of calm to your kitchen.

Harmonizing Contrasting Colors

If you’re hesitant to take the leap of faith with colored cabinetry, there are plenty of ways to introduce on-trend hues into your kitchen. Backsplashes, patterned tile, appliances, and other kitchen accessories are all great options to try.

‘The key is to balance your color palette and work with proportionality, especially for smaller spaces. Choosing a bold contrast for the countertops and then selecting a more neutral shade for the rest of the room will create a cohesive look that’s still visually impactful,’ explains Ben Burbidge.

Embracing Colorful Cabinetry

Whether you prefer cool blues or warm reds, there is a shade to match your cooking style. Better Homes and Gardens states that bright red stimulates the appetite, while softer raspberry tones may inspire thoughts of baked goods.

White cabinets are popular because they reflect light, which makes the space feel larger and brighter. But keep in mind that white cabinetry shows dust and stains more easily, so it requires regular cleaning to stay looking new.

For this landmarked Brooklyn brownstone kitchen from Veronica Barrow Design, acid yellow lower cabinetry warms up the wood-toned upper cabinets and adds a splash of unexpected color. The result is a kitchen that feels fresh and inviting. Ultimately, the color you choose for your cabinets is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when designing your kitchen.

Dynamic Backsplashes

Many backsplashes are dominated by bold prints and color, but there’s nothing to stop you from creating a statement with a texture-driven tile. AKDO’s innovative tile collections offer a wide array of glazed finishes that deliver a striking visual effect and work beautifully with natural stone countertops.

In this feel-good green kitchen from Old Brand New, a soft geometric black-and-white patterned backsplash adds structure to the bright color blocking and keeps the cooking space feeling fresh and airy. The tile’s surface also reflects light beautifully, so you can add under-cabinet lighting to illuminate the wall and make it glow.

Designer Loriann Savères typically selects countertops before a backsplash, but this kitchen’s brightly colored glass tiles were so prominent she decided to tone down the perimeter and island countertops via Pental Quartz’s Venantino for an appropriately sophisticated look. The stacked stone showcases the backsplash’s pattern and coordinates with Fiesta dinnerware to create a cohesive palette.


When it comes to bold kitchen design, lighting is a great way to add drama. Look for long fixtures that are more of a focal point than just a standard lampshade. Pick a style that has exposed bulbs for a retro feel, or choose a translucent simple cover so that the bulbs are still a highlight.

Even low-ceiling spaces can benefit from a bold fixture that grabs attention. In this kitchen by Beautiful Habitat, a pair of pendants make the ceiling pop and act as an unmissable design element. For a similar look, try flush-mount fixtures in varying sizes for a playful take on shape and scale. These lights also pair well with a black kitchen scheme as they explore vintage style and industrial minimalism.